The Courses

The courses start on Mondays and are usually held in the morning. However, all schedules are arranged so that our students can organise their free time and plan excursions. The classes are held at Antico Convento in Ragusa Ibla. If required, we can also hold classes in other schools situated in the upper area of Ragusa.

A preliminary assessment questionnaire allows us to check the learning and communicative needs of each student.

The teaching method used is based on a communicative, dynamic, approach which encourages the students to use the language they learned in our classrooms.

That's Italia offers different types of courses for students to immerse themselves in Italian, to appreciate this language and to enhance their skills:

Ciao! Standard Italian Language and Culture course

This language course aims at developping all the linguistic skills (spoken and written comprehension, speaking and writing) through the use of authentic texts, dynamic activities, videos and newspaper articles.

Mizzica! Sicilian Dialect and Culture course

This is for those curious to find out more about our Sicilian dialect. In the search for popular sayings and idioms, tradition and typical Sicilian folklore...this course is great fun!

Ciak, si studia! Hang around with Montalbano

For all film enthusiasts, Sicily and particularly Ragusa is the setting for many movies such as "The Journey" with Sophia Loren and, of course, the TV series "Inspector Montalbano". We organise an Italian course through the places, dialogues and characters of those unforgettable hits.

Italiano Barocco

The UNESCO sites are going to be our classroom! We created this course for those who want to combine the desire to learn Italian with the chance to visit some of the most interesting places in the area. Classes are held in the local tourist attractions and these sites will be the focus of your classes

Buon appetito! Italian and Cookery course

We organise courses for all Italian cooking enthusiasts. These courses include visits to discover typical wine and food and also the chance to cook traditional dishes.
For expert cooks, the Mediterranean School for Wine and Food (NOSCO) is adjacent to our school and offers professional cookery courses.

Benvenuto Italiano

That's Italia organises courses at our school or at your home for students who need to improve and want to enhance their Italian skills. It is suitable for those who attend the local public schools and for foreigners who live in Italy.

Italiano via Skype

We are also available for Italian lessons via Skype! A simple and efficient way for those who want to study at home or for the students who want to continue to learn Italian with us after their holiday in Ragusa is over.

My Lesson

That's Italia gives each student the opportunity to personalise and create their own course plan. Here's an example:
Thomas, a 35 year old from England with a B1 Italian Level (intermediate) attended a 2 week personalised one-to-one course at That's Italia. The programme included one day for the introduction and conversation about topics linked to himself and to work; an introductory class about Inspector Montalbano and a visit to some of the places from the series; a cooking class; two classes held in places of gastronomic interest; two improvement classes (through activities and correction) based on the topics discussed on the previous days and a final class.
Today Thomas still keeps in touch with the school and continues to develop his Italian. He has weekly conversations with us on Skype!

Let's do our web site

Let's learn how to do our personal web site; a basic course for beginners on html and css, the fundamental elements to set up web pages. At the end of the course, the student will be able to independently set up the pages of their own web site, without the need to buy any kind of software.
Prerequisites: a laptop with operating system Windows, Mac osx or Linux, a little confidence in the web surfing and the using of an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Chrome, FireFox), ability to manage folders and files.