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Ragusa Ibla, San Giorgio Church “To have seen Italy without Sicily, is not to have seen Italy at all, as Sicily is the key to everything. The purity of the contours, the softness of everything, the yielding reciprocity of the colours, the harmonious union of the sky with the sea and the sea with the earth... those who have seen them once, will possess them for their entire lives.”

From "Italian Journey", by J.W.Goethe

Ragusa has been described by scholars and writers as being "the isle within the isle" because the climate, the quality of life and the socioeconomic context make it a real oasis of extraordinary beauty and hospitality

As one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as the location for many movies, Ragusa represents the harmonious meeting of ancient rural traditions with its typical manor farms; dry stone walls; the caves; the carob trees; archaeology; Baroque architecture from the nineteenth-century; folklore and the communion of healthy and widespread agriculture. You can enjoy the products in the numerous typical restaurants which you will find all over the area.

The city offers an extraordinary cultural and artistic vivacity which is also the result of the existence and work of very important scholars such as Bufalino and Quasimodo for Literature or Guccione and Sarnari, members of the "Gruppo di Scicli", for Art.

Spending a holiday in Ragusa means getting the chance to delve into all of this. Tasting the flavours, listening to the sounds, enjoying the monuments and the beauty of the landscape. And that’s not all! Think of the bright Mediterranean sun. It invites you to relax by the sea on the golden sands and to dive into the warm, clear water of our beaches which are believed to be among the most beautiful in the world.

From Ragusa you can easily reach the most interesting sites to visit in the province: Ragusa Ibla, Modica, Scicli, Punta Secca, Sampieri, Marina di Ragusa. And for those who are planning a longer stay, you must visit the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, the intriguing city of Palermo, the historic Syracuse, the majestic Etna, the enchanting Taormina, the ancient salt works at Trapani and many more.

The nearest airport is Comiso just 15km away from Ragusa. There is also a landing strip for small aircraft at Giubiliana and the tourist port of Marina di Ragusa is nearby.

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