That's Italia
Enjoy learning in Sicily

In Ragusa Ibla among the arts, culture, delicious food and enchanting landscapes you will find That's Italia, the school for Italian and Sicilian Languages and Cultures.

That's Italia is a new project. It was accomplished by native speaker Italian teachers. They are all qualified, experienced, passionate and aim at discovering Sicily as well as Italy from another point of view: not only as a tourist but also from a cultural and linguistic perspective.

Italian journalist and writer Italo Calvino said: "You take delight not in a city's seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question of yours!" That's one of the reasons for you to enrich your travel experience with a course of Italian Language and Culture!

The courses take place at the Antico Convento (Old Convent), in the gardens of Ragusa Ibla. This charming and relaxed location gives the learners an opportunity to immerse themselves in an atmosphere they won't find anywhere else. Built high above the green Irminio valley, this place was chosen by the Capuchin priests for its beauty and evocative stillness and for the contact with nature. Tastefully restored in 2012, today it is also the centre for the Mediterranean School for Wine and Food (NOSCO), the exquisite Cenobio restaurant and the hotel Antico Convento.

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That's Italia

The School

la scuola

That's Italia is a project which aims at promoting the italian language and culture through courses, excursions and meetings.Read +

The Courses

i corsi

The teaching method used is a communicative, dynamic, fast approach for an immediate use in everyday life situations.Read +

Online Courses

corsi on-line

Skype! For those who want to study at home or for the students who want to continue to learn Italian after their holiday is over.Read +


  • A spasso con MontalbanoItalian classes through the places...
  • New course: Let's do our web siteLet's learn how to do our personal web site; a basic course for beginners on html and css.
  • CELI EXAMSGet an internationally-recognized certificate to prove you’re a master of the Italian Language! We are official CELI examiners of Perugia University for Foreigners.

Ragusa - Nearby Places

Ragusa Ibla

Ragusa has been described by scholars and writers as being "the isle in the isle" because the climate, the life quality and the socioeconomic context make it a real oasis of extraordinary beauty and hospitality.Read +

Culture, sun, sea, beaches, delicious food, relax, cinema...That's Italia!